Foot Locker and Nike asked if we could re-create a few of their old commercials for Air Max Day.

We said “Sure, but what if we also re-created an entire 90s television network on social media, complete with shows full of key sneaker influencers, too?”

20 videos, 52 million impressions, 20 million views, 2.5 million comments later, all that re-creation created one of Foot Locker’s most successful campaigns to date. Brace yourself for a lot of content.

Buzz: Ad Age, Adweek, The Source


It’s not a TV network without a network promo, and it’s not a 90s commercial without a jingle.

30 seconds is enough time to get the point of a sitcom, right?

We even made a cartoon. In one episode, both of the characters die.

The difference between actual aerobics and branded content is a single letter swap and an anthropomorphic scoreboard.

A strange news show dedicated to sneakers, secret identities, NFL athletes, and rapidly changing outfits.

We also created custom seeding kits in the shape of vintage cable boxes for influencers to post about, complete with a remote (that made noises), an actual TV guide for our shows, and of course, brand new Air Max 720s.

Here’s rapper Gashi opening the box we sent him. He was pretty calm about it.

Finally, on Air Max Day, we went live on Twitch with a home shopping network with Jacques Slade where users could call in and order exclusive sneakers before anybody else. The whole thing was an hour, so here are some photos.