Foot Locker and Nike originally asked us to re-create a few of their old commercials for Air Max Day - so naturally, we decided to create an entire TV network built for social media - complete with not only re-makes of aforementioned commercials, but sneaker-centric programming loaded with influencers.

52 million impressions, 20 million views, and 2.5 million comments later, we had created one of Foot Locker’s most successful campaigns to date.

Brace yourself for way too much content.

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Network teaser time.

Show #1: A strange, yet heart-warming sitcom about four referees who live in a large suburban home together.

Hey, it’s time for a commercial break.

And now back to our irregularly scheduled programming. Show #2 was a cartoon animated by Tyree Dillihay.

In one episode, both of the characters die.

And now, a word from our sponsors. Again.

Time for a breaking news update: Foot Locker has the latest Nikes and also employs NFL players.

Another commercial break. Look, I had to sing this jingle several times to a room full of Nike and Foot Locker execs, so the least you could do is listen.

Show #3: An aerobics show called “Airobics.” Deep. Also, for some reason, the anthropomorphic scoreboard made its way into this one, too.

While the videos were rolling out, we created and mailed seeding kits (in the shape of vintage cable boxes) to key sneaker influencers. These kits came complete with a working remote, an actual TV guide with vintage Nike ads for our newly created network, and of course, brand new Air Maxes.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 7.08.55 PM.png

Here’s rapper Gashi opening a box we sent him. He was pretty calm about it.

Then on Air Max Day, we went live on Twitch with a home shopping network hosted by Jacques Slade. Viewers could actually call in and order exclusive sneakers before anyone else. The whole thing lasted an hour, so here are some photos to prove that it happened.

Wow, you actually scrolled all the way to the bottom.

As a reward, here are some retro Nike ads we wrote for the TV guide that were turned into in-store posters at Foot Locker. The end.