Here’s everything else we did attention for MoonPie before the tweets started taking off.


I wrote and produced an entire news broadcast for MoonPie’s solar eclipse. The “lol ok” tweet happened the same day, so no one cared about this.


“What if MoonPies were drugs?” is a question that no one asks themselves.

“Should we have made this?” is a question that I ask myself to this day.


Old Man MoonPie is the patron saint of MoonPie contests, rocking chairs, and weird camera angles.


Here’s a series of online videos that somehow coincided with the best sales month in MoonPie company history.


If the man who invented the MoonPie were alive today and saw this video, I’d like to think he’d be proud.

Or terrified.


At one point, we also partnered with Bass Pro Shops to live-stream the World MoonPie Eating Championship in Memphis.

The whole contest was very disgusting, so this picture is all I’m gonna put here.