Fun fact: women make up more than half of all artists, but for some reason, less than 13% of art pieces on display in museums today are by women. That’s insane.

To help change this narrative, we asked United Airlines if they could offer up a few of their planes as massive canvases, and created a contest to find women artists who want to be seen.

We’ll find the winners in a few weeks, and paint the planes in a few months, so stay tuned.

Buzz: Muse by Clio, Adweek

We partnered with artist Shantell Martin, to serve not only as an ambassador, but as a mentor to the winning artists. Here she is saying words we paid her to say.

This is Bebe. She’s one of the only female chief pilots in America. She’s also a badass.


In addition to a flurry of social media ads, we created outdoor murals in artful neighborhoods in select cities, adorned with Shantell’s art, stats, facts, and info on how to enter. You know, things all great murals have.