More than half of all artists are women, but women’s art makes up less than 13% of work on display in museums.

With that in mind, we asked United Airlines if we could find some amazing women artists to paint a few of their planes for everyone to look up to.

Buzz: Muse by Clio, Adweek, Chicago Business Journal, Marie Claire

We partnered with artist Shantell Martin, to serve not only as our ambassador, but to mentor the chosen artists as they created their new canvases.

The planes won’t be painted until next year, so until then, here’s Shantell saying words we paid her to say.

This is Bebe. She’s one of the only female chief pilots in the country. She is extremely cool and bad ass.

Here are the winners getting up close and personal with their canvas. Again, they don’t get to paint it yet, but we made this video anyway.


We also worked with Shantell to create murals in artful neighborhoods to drop in both Brooklyn and San Francisco. These murals were adorned with custom art, facts, and info on how to enter our search. You know, things all great murals have.